maxine, black dog, dog jacket, jefferson street coffee

Maxine, eater of the sun

In ancient times, the Muskogean people sought to appease Metztli who was responsible for swallowing the sun each day and expelling it again the next morning.

After a time, Metztli became arrogant and demanded richer offerings, holding the sun in her belly until her orders were met. Not a people to be intimidated, the Muskogeans pulled Metztli from the sky and punished her.

Metztli was sent to live in the body of a ten-pound, fluffy Schipperke.

Imagine her consternation upon waking. Going from intoned prayers to squeals of, How cute! every time she walks down the street. From fearful awe to baby talk.

This is Maxine, and this is the reason she keeps her teeth and nails sharp and loves scaring children. Why I only have 3 seconds to get her collar on, no more. Why she takes charge on walks, making me run to keep up (she’s threatened to eat my liver if I don’t). Why she suffers the indignity of clothing only at the hands of her one and only person. This is why she announces herself to the neighborhood for the people to lay down flower petals and lift her palanquin.

black dog, sidewalk, grin, teeth

This is why she has a chance – what better form to take than a dog, the epitome of loyalty and love, to earn one’s way back into good graces.

Every day she’s proving herself ready to reascend to the cosmos and reclaim her place as keeper of the sun.