Max, Louie, & Taylor, meat showers

On a recent chilly and drizzly morning in Kentucky, Max was a little reluctant to go outside – when you have such beautiful hair, you have to be wary of the damp (I should know).

To get him out, I told the boys the story of The Great Meat Shower of 1876: on a clear day near Mount Sterling, raw meat fell from the sky in great flakes and no one knows why. I told them them today could be the day for a repeat, and we all headed out, eyes to the sky (even Katiemack was at the window licking her chops).

We waited as long as we could but no meat and went to warm up with the dulcet tones of ESPN – maybe this afternoon!

Later that day…

I didn’t have any trouble getting Louie and Taylor out in the rain this afternoon. In fact, they immediately ran into the yard and began chanting, Meat Shower, Meat Shower!

Max came running from under the bed (where he was hiding after he saw my rain jacket), and they formed a circle, intoning, Meat Shower! to the sky.

I laughed but got a little worried when they kept at it, ignoring treats even! Soon, people began climbing out of their windows and doors and lined the fence, joining in. Before long, throngs of people in the street chanted as one, Meat Shower! Meat Shower! For a brief time, the whole neighborhood shook the trees, imploring the rain to change to meat.

Fearing I’d created a monster, I grabbed up the boys and ran inside only to find Katiemack waiting with a hungry grin.

Everyone’s happy and healthy, starting a cult notwithstanding.

(Photos by Sara H.)