Hi! My name is Zach, and welcome to The Critter Chronicler.

As a client of Critter Sitters, you may have read one of my ‘report cards’ and noticed something a little different. Maybe your pet was a pirate that day, maurading through the neighborhood for bones and booty; or your pet sang me a popular song about how much they like large derriers and are unable to be untruthful to the fact; I’ve been known to include poetry along with song lyrics, insert your pet into sitcoms or dramas, sci-fi, or as the ruler of their own kingdom (because you know that isn’t far from reality).

Our pets are the heroes of their own stories, members of our families, and sometimes the only good news when everything else in the world is crap (and literally burning). When I tell people what I do for work, they always smile and say how awesome it must be.

It really is. I get to take pets on adventures through darkened streets, rainstorms, blizzards, and heatwaves; or just to the backyard or even their favorite room of the house. There’s always a story there, I just have to look into their eyes to read it.

In the posts to follow, I hope to share some of those stories with you. If you’re a Critter Sitters client, you might see your pet. If you aren’t, I hope you’ll see something to make you smile.

Of course, I’m not the only Chronicler here, and you’ll get to hear from some of the others with the best job in the world. Get a preview of who we are here.

If you want cute pet pics, we’ll have those too, but you can also peek at our Instagram page.

Keep the conversation going by commenting below, share with your friends, and keep coming back!

12 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. Right on Zach! You are definitely the man with the plan…or the poetry depending upon the day and the dog! What a pawsome addition to the spectacular Critter Sitter services! Write on…

  1. Love your stories. Can’t wait to read about the many adventures of all these awesome pets!

  2. Your reports are a guaranteed smile, if not an outright laugh. Love ‘em! Keep on writing! From B…B…Benny and the Jettttts’ mom.

  3. I love this! I can’t wait to become a longtime reader! Thank you for bringing positive, refreshing humor and love to the world.

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