Finn, my captain

My boy Finn was snoozing contentedly, the picture of serenity, on my arrival today. I hated to wake him, but once he bathed me with that grin of his, I was putty. He wanted love and to get going!

We toured his grounds, still marveling at the weather, and there was a moment when the wind caught his magnificent locks, the music swelled, and we were transported to the setting of a romance novel cover – he the strapping ship captain, me the unsure cabin boy, mutiny and chaos on the deck below. Finn swept me up in his muscular arms, and together we swung to safety – my hero!

Then I snapped back to the present, Finn waiting patiently for his treat then gleeful to return to his crate and his nap.

One thought on “Finn, my captain

  1. Oh Finn! Always the man of the hour. He may be the most confident and humble dog I have ever met. He has all the characteristics of a true leader.

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